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Episode 110: The One With The Monkey

Only annotated lines are quoted below, not the entire script

1Written byAdam Chase & Ira Ungerleider
Transcribed by: guineapig
144MaxWell, if you see him, tell him to pack his bags. We are going to Minsk.
146MaxMinsk. It's in Russia.
147PhoebeI know where Minsk is.
Nitpick: In Episode E110/L144-147: , line(s) 110, Max smugly informs Phoebe that Minsk is in Russia. Actually, Minsk is the capital of Belarus, a different Soviet republic entirely. Belarus was part of the former Soviet Union which was sometimes incorrectly called "Russia", but 1) the former Soviet Union collapsed well before this episode aired, and 2) you'd expect a scientist like Max to be more precise, especially when he's trying to smugly show off his "superior" intelligence. Interestingly, Phoebe's reply just says she knows where Minsk is -- she doesn't actually directly agree with Max, hmmmm! (courtesy Stephanie Vander Weide)
240PhoebeOoh, sorry. Um, and, and then you put your arms around me. And then you put your arms around me. (He does so) And, um, and then you tell me that you love me and you'll never forget me.
241DavidI'll never forget you.
Observation: In Episode E110/L240-241: , line(s) 110, David carefully avoids saying he loves Phoebe, even after she prompts him. In Episode E711/L264-272: , line(s) 711, he essentially admits that he does love Phoebe.
Episode 711, Lines 264-272
264DavidJuly. Umm, (He speaks Russian.)
265PhoebeThat’s really beautiful. What does it mean?
266DavidPlease, clean my beakers. I don’t get out of the lab much.
267PhoebeThat’s good. I got to admit, I thought it was something else.
268DavidYeah, I… Well I really actually wanted to say umm, that, but um, I figured I probably shouldn’t because y’know, I…have to leave.
269PhoebeYou’re right! You’re right. Don’t say it.
270DavidI-I do though.
271PhoebeI do too. (They kiss.)
272DavidBye Phoebe. (He gets in and the cab drives off. Joey walks up and witnesses that event.)
242PhoebeAnd then you say that it's almost midnight and you have to go because you don't wanna start the new year with me if you can't finish it. (They kiss) I'm gonna miss you. You scientist guy.
Observation: In Episode E110/L241-242: , line(s) 110, Phoebe seems to really care about David, but in the very next episode (Episode E111/L6-7: , line(s) 111), she seems to get over this quickly.
Episode 111, Lines 6-7
6MonicaOh my God. (Grabs Phoebe and turns her away) Phoebe. Don't look now, but behind us is a guy who has the potential to break our hearts and plunge us into a pit of depression.
7PhoebeWhere? (Turns to face him) Ooh, come to Momma.
246Chandler(To a woman who he has clearly just met) And then the peacock bit me. (Laughs) Please kiss me at midnight. (She leaves)
Observation: As nearly as I can tell, there are 2 references to a peacock biting Chandler: Episode E107/L149: , line(s) 107 and Episode E110/L246: , line(s) 110.
Episode 107, Lines 149-149
149PhoebeYuh-huh! I was the last one to know when Chandler got bitten by the peacock at the zoo. I was the last one to know when you had a crush on Joey when he was moving in. (Monica gestures at Phoebe to shut up; Joey looks surprised but pleased) Looks like I was second to last.
264ChandlerAlright, somebody kiss me. Somebody kiss me, it's midnight! Somebody kiss me!
265JoeyAlrightalrightalright. (Kisses him. Ross takes a photo) There.
Observation: In Episode E704/L183-185: , line(s) 704, Monica seems shocked after Ross tells her that Chandler kissed a guy. Actually, Joey kisses Chandler in Episode E110/L264-265: , line(s) 110 (Ross even takes a picture), and Ross is hardly one to talk -- he kissed Joey in Episode E224/L227-228: , line(s) 224. Finally, Joey mentions he kissed a guy in Episode E203/L12: , line(s) 203, though he doesn't realize he did so.
Episode 704, Lines 183-185
183RossAnd this girl is making eyes at Chandler, okay? So after awhile he-he goes over to her and uh, after a minute or two, I see them kissing. Now, I know what you’re thinking, Chandler’s not the type of guy who just goes to bars and makes out with girls, and you’re right, Chandler’s not the type of guy who just goes to bars and makes out with…girls.
184Monica(To Chandler) You kissed a guy?!! Oh my God.
185ChandlerIn my defense, it was dark and he was a very pretty guy.
Episode 224, Lines 227-228
227ROSSAll right I've been feeling incredibly guilty about this, because I wanna be a good friend, and dammit I am a good friend. So just, just shut up and close your eyes (kisses Joey).
228JOEYWow, you are a good friend, 'course the audition was this morning, and I didn't get it. But that was a hell of a kiss. Rachel is a very lucky girl.
Episode 203, Lines 12-12
12JoeyHold it, hold it. I gotta side with Chandler on this one. When I first moved to the city, I went out a couple of times with this girl, really hot, great kisser, but she had the biggest Adam's apple. It made me nuts.
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