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Episode 113: The One With The Boobies

Only annotated lines are quoted below, not the entire script

1Written byAlexa Junge
Transcribed by: guineapig
26RachelOkaaay. (To the guys, on the couch) Any of you guys want anything else?
27ChandlerOh, yes, could I have one of those. (Points)
28RachelNo, I'm sorry, we're all out of those. Anybody else?
30RogerDid I, uh, did I miss something?
31ChandlerNo, she's still upset because I saw her boobies.
Observation: In Episode E901/L212-214: , line(s) 901, Chandler asks Joey what Rachel's breast looks like. Actually, he's already seen this in Episode E113/L26-31: , line(s) 113 (he's probably wondering if they look different several years later and now that Rachel is nursing).
Episode 901, Lines 212-214
212ChandlerYou still haven’t told Rachel you weren’t really proposing?
213JoeyNo! She had the ring on, she seemed so excited, and then she took her breast out.
214ChandlerJoey, you have to tell her what’s going on! And what did it look like?!
58Mr. TribbianiOh, 'scuse me. So Ross, uh, how's the wife? (Ross whines and lays his head on Chandler's shoulder) Off there too, uh? Uh, Chandler, quick, say something funny!
Nitpick: In Episode E113/L58: , line(s) 113, Joey's dad seems surprised things are wrong between Ross and his wife. However, when Joey first meets Ross in Episode E306/L267-270: , line(s) 306, Ross is depressed that his wife's a lesbian. In other words, Ross' marriage hasn't been going well the entire time Joey has known Ross!
Episode 306, Lines 267-270
267MonicaHey, are you okay?
268RossMy wife’s a lesbian.
270ChandlerRoss-Joey, Joey-Ross. (they shake hands)
80RossAlright, alright. We're all adults here, there's only one way to resolve this. Since you saw her boobies, I think, uh, you're gonna have to show her your peepee.
81ChandlerY'know, I don't see that happening?
82RachelC'mon, he's right. Tit for tat.
83ChandlerWell I'm not showing you my 'tat.'
Observation: In Episode E113/L80-83: , line(s) 113, Chandler refuses to show Rachel his peepee to make up for seeing her boobies. In Episode E813/L271-273: , line(s) 813, Rachel does finally see this.
Episode 813, Lines 271-273
271JoeyIt’s no big deal, okay? Phoebe and I talked about it. It’s just a crush! It’s going to go away! (Looks down) Dude, you gotta rearrange your bubbles! Oh!
272Phoebe(checking for herself) (To Monica) Mazel tov.
273Rachel(entering) Hey! Ross and I were looking for you! What are we all doing in here? (Looks at Chandler) Oh, my! (Covers the spot where Joey wants bubbles to be replaced.)
188RachelHey, listen, Ronni, how long would you say Chandler's been in the shower?
189RonniOh, like, uh, five minutes?
190RachelPerfect. Fasten your seatbelts, it's peepee time. (She goes into Joey and Chandler's apartment, where Mr. Tribbiani is reading the paper) Hey, Mr. Trib.
191Mr. TribbianiHey. Morning, dear.
192(ACTION)Rachel goes up to the door of their bathroom
193RachelChandler Bing? It's time to see your thing.
194(ACTION)She opens the door and whips back the curtain. It's Joey. They both scream
195Joey(Runs out in a towel) What's the matter with you?!
196RachelI thought it was Chandler!
Observation: In Episode E113/L188-196: , line(s) 113, Chandler's showers last less than 5 minutes, but in Episode E602/L115-117: , line(s) 602, Chandler takes long showers. (maybe Chandler was intentionally taking short showers in Episode 113 until the whole "booby" thing blew over?)
Episode 602, Lines 115-117
115RachelAnd Chandler, you’re gonna have to watch those long showers you take in the morning because you know Raquel can’t be late.
117MonicaYeah, he’s gonna work on that.
250JoeyYeah. He's gonna keep cheating on my ma like she wanted, she's gonna keep pretending she doesn't know even though she does, and my little sister Tina can't see her husband any more because he got a restraining order...which has nothing to do with anything except that I found out today.
Nitpick: In Episode E111/L153-155: , line(s) 111, Joey says his mom gave birth to 7 children, which would mean him and 6 siblings. In Episode E206/L40-43: , line(s) 206, Joey says he has 7 sisters, and Episode E303/L165-168: , line(s) 303 confirms this. We know the names of 6 of Joey's sisters: Gina, Dina (both Episode E311/L154-159: , line(s) 311), Mary Angela, Mary Theresa (both Episode E311/L264-266: , line(s) 311), Cookie (Episode E311/L289-291: , line(s) 311), and Tina (Episode E113/L250: , line(s) 113). The scene in Episode E903/L182-184: , line(s) 903 may be a reference to this inconsistency.
Episode 111, Lines 153-155
153JoeyYou don't think my mom's sexy?
154RossWell... not in the same way...
155JoeyI'll have you know that Gloria Tribbiani was a handsome woman in her day, alright? You think it's easy giving birth to seven children?
Episode 206, Lines 40-43
40RossWhat about Ben? We can't bring a baby to a hospital.
41JoeyWe'll watch him.
42RossI don't think tho.
43JoeyWhat? I have seven Catholic sisters. I've taken care of hundreds of kids. Come on, we wanna do it, don't we?
Episode 303, Lines 165-168
165MonicaOkay, all right, how's this? 27. Italian-American guy. He's an actor, born in Queens. Wow, big family, seven sisters, and he's the only....boy. (they all turn and look at Joey) Oh my God, under personal comments: 'New York Knicks, rule!'
166JoeyYeah, the Knicks rule!
167MonicaJoey, this is you!
168JoeyLet me see. (goes over and looks at the form) Oh, right.
Episode 311, Lines 154-159
154PhoebeHow can you not know which one?
155RachelI mean that’s unbelievable.
156MonicaI mean, was it Gina?
157RossWhich one is Gina?
158RachelDark, big hair, with the airplane earrings.
159MonicaNo, no, no, that’s Dina.
Episode 311, Lines 264-266
264Joey’s SisterSo! Me neither! God, Mary-Angela was right you do have the softest lips.
265ChandlerAhhhh, you’re not Mary-Angela.
266Joey’s SisterNo, I’m Mary-Theresa.
Episode 311, Lines 289-291
289ChandlerYou’ve got it. (he starts to look at his sister’s, but he still doesn’t know which one is Mary-Angela.)
290JoeyCookie, now you can punch him!
291ChandlerWhat?! (Cookie punches him)
Episode 903, Lines 182-184
182PhoebeMike, let me ask you something. How many sisters does Joey have?
183Mike(Joey holds up six fingers) Six!
184JoeyWhat are you doing? I said seven! (Holds up six fingers.) (Realizes his mistake) Argh!!!
269JoeyClear the tracks for the boobie payback express. Next stop: Rachel Green. (He goes into the bathroom. We hear a scream and he comes out, closely followed by Monica in a towel)
270MonicaJoey!! What the hell were you doing?!
271JoeySorry. Wrong boobies.
Observation: I think everyone's seen Monica naked. In Episode E113/L269-271: , line(s) 113, Joey does. In Episode E814/L85-87: , line(s) 814, Phoebe mentions she has. Ross probably has when they were younger, but also specifically in Episode E320/L245-246: , line(s) 320. As her husband, Chandler has many times, but for the first time in London (Episode E716/L244-253: , line(s) 716). It's not clear that Rachel has, though Episode E504/L2-7: , line(s) 504 strongly suggests this.
Episode 814, Lines 85-87
85PhoebeMonica! We lived together for years! I’ve seen you naked!
86MonicaThat’s different, we were roommates! And when?!
87PhoebeI’m curious about the human body.
Episode 320, Lines 245-246
245RossOh, fire! There, there’s a fire! Fire!!
246[SCENE]He tries to blow it out, and obviously, it doesn’t work. He runs over to the sink to get a glass of water to put out the fire, but since Monica is in the shower the water pressure is very low and takes a long time to fill the glass. In desperation he takes the half full glass over and dumps it on the fire, it doesn’t work. He then picks up the dollhouse and considers bringing it over to the sink, but decides to take it into the bathroom and use the shower to put it out. He kicks open the door and we hear Monica scream at the top of her lungs.
Episode 716, Lines 244-253
244MonicaWe’re gonna see each other naked.
246MonicaDo you wanna do it at the same time?
247ChandlerCount of three?
251ChandlerMonica and Three! (They lift up the covers and check each other out, then come back up with silly grins on their faces.)
252ChandlerWell I think it’s safe to say that our friendship is effectively ruined.
253MonicaEh, we weren’t that close anyway!
Episode 504, Lines 2-7
2[SCENE]Scene: Monica and Rachel's, Rachel has just gotten home and is going through the mail. She finds something that's Monica's and goes over and knocks on her closed bedroom door.
3Monica(In a sexy voice) Come in. I've been waiting for you.
4(ACTION)Rachel enters.
5RachelHi! I just wanna-(sees Monica)-Ahhh!!! Oh my God! (She runs out in horror.) Oh my God!
6Monica(pulling on a robe) Okay, I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I-I-I was um, I was taking a nap.
7RachelSince when do take naps in that position. Oh God Monica, tell me you were waiting for a guy! Please tell me you were waiting for a guy!
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