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Episode 114: The One With The Candy Hearts

Only annotated lines are quoted below, not the entire script

1Written byBill Lawrence
Transcribed by: Mindy Mattingly Phillips
With Minor Adjustments by: Eric Aasen
54MonicaWhich one was Pete Carney?
55RachelPete the Weeper? Remember that guy who used to cry every time we had sex. (imitating) "Was it good for you?"
Observation: In Episode E623/L220-223: , line(s) 623, Paul starts crying after having sex with Rachel. Kind of reminds you of Pete Carney, who Rachel mentions in Episode E114/L54-55: , line(s) 114.
Episode 623, Lines 220-223
220RachelI’m so glad, I’m so glad you shared. (Feeling his shoulder.) And I’m glad that you’re done. What do you say we umm… (Nods in the direction of the bedroom.)
221PaulI would really like that. (They kiss.)
222[SCENE]Scene: Rachel’s Bedroom, Paul and Rachel are recovering.
223PaulThat was…so good. (Starts crying again.)
61PhoebeOh! You know my friend Abby who shaves her head? She said that if you want to break the bad boyfriend cycle, you can do like a cleansing ritual.
Observation: In Episode E114/L61: , line(s) 114 Phoebe mentions her bald friend Abby; in Episode E324/L99-101: , line(s) 324, her (formerly) bald friend is Bonnie. Of course, Phoebe may actually know 2 bald women. [This annotation came from another source, and I am in the process of properly crediting it. It is it not something I annotated myself]
Episode 324, Lines 99-101
99PhoebeUmm, my friend, Bonnie. She just always thought Ross was really cute, and now that you two aren’t together, she asked if I could set it up, but if you’re not cool with it...
100RachelOh-oh-oh, which one is Bonnie again?
101PhoebeYou remember her from my birthday party two years ago. She’s yeah, like, average height, medium build, bald...
96ChandlerJoey's not a friend. He's...a stupid man who left us his credit card. Another drink? Some dessert? A big screen TV?
Nitpick: In Episode E114/L96: , line(s) 114, does it amaze anyone else that Joey, an out-of-work actor with no steady income, would have a credit card with (apparentally) a fairly high credit limit?
100ChandlerThat's right, each. Oh, and a uh Rob Roy. (to Janice) I've always wanted to know...
Question: I don't get the Rob Roy/champagne reference in Episode E114/L100: , line(s) 114.
113MonicaRach, come see who's out here!
114(ACTION)Rachel comes out.
115RachelOh my god. Janice, hi!
116ChandlerJanice is gonna go away now.
117MonicaI'll be right back.
118(ACTION)Joey enters from the stairs.
119RachelOh, Joey, look who it is.
120Joey(in disbelief) Whoa.
121ChandlerOh, good, Joey's home now.
122JaniceThis is so fun. This is like a reunion in the hall.
123(ACTION)Monica comes out with her cordless phone.
124MonicaOh, hi, Ross. Yeah. There's someone I want you to say hi to. (to Chandler) He just happened to call.
Observation: In Episode E114/L113-124: , line(s) 114, Monica, Rachel, Joey, Ross find out Chandler spent the night w/ Janice. I guess Phoebe was right about always being the last to know (Episode E107/L147: , line(s) 107).
Episode 107, Lines 147-147
147PhoebeThis is so typical. I'm always the last one to know everything.
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