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Episode 117: The One With Two Parts: Part Two

Only annotated lines are quoted below, not the entire script

1Written byMarta Kauffman & David Crane
Transcribed by: Mindy Mattingly
With Minor Adjustments by: Tennant Stuart
51RossWo-wo-whoa. What about Phoebe's birthday?
52JoeyWhen's that?
Nitpick: In Episode E108/L16-17: , line(s) 108, Rachel mentions Phoebe's birthday party. Since Rachel has only known Phoebe since the first episode, this means Phoebe had a birthday party sometime between Episode 101 and Episode 108. However, in Episode E117/L51-53: , line(s) 117, it's Phoebe's birthday again, even though less than a year has passed. It's possible Phoebe's joke in Episode E606/L33-35: , line(s) 606 is a reference to this blooper. Episode E905/L2-6: , line(s) 905 implies Phoebe's birthday is close to Halloween, even though Episode 117 comes after Valentine's Day (Episode 114, "The One With The Candy Hearts", is set on Valentine's Day).
Episode 108, Lines 16-17
16RachelYeah, but then you spent Phoebe's entire birthday party talking to my breasts, so then I figured maybe not.
17ChandlerHuh. Did, uh... any of the rest of you guys think that when you first met me?
Episode 606, Lines 33-35
33PhoebeAnd also, my birthday.
34MonicaIt’s not your birthday.
35PhoebeWhat a mean thing to say! I would never tell you it’s not your birthday!
Episode 905, Lines 2-6
2SCENECentral Perk.
3PhoebeOh hey you guys, I couldn't get a reservation for the night of my birthday, so we have to do dinner Thursday night instead.
4JoeyThursday? But that's Halloween.
6JoeySo spooky, that's all.
177Monica(as Rachel) I used to wet my bed.
Observation: In Episode E117/L177: , line(s) 117, Monica reveals (sort of) that Rachel used to wet the bed. This is similar to Episode E104/L236-237: , line(s) 104, where Monica reveals Rachel peed in her pants, and to Episode E623/L74-76: , line(s) 623, where Rachel reveals she peed in her sleeping bag.
Episode 104, Lines 236-237
236MonicaReally. Well, at least 'big girls' don't pee in their pants in seventh grade!
237RachelI was laughing! You made me laugh! (Monica and Rachel start to squabble)
Episode 623, Lines 74-76
74RachelOkay, well then how about puberty! Come on, that’s always a painful time! Y’know your friends invite you to a slumber party and then they stick your hand in warm water while you’re sleeping so that you pee in your sleeping bag.
75PaulNope! That never happened to me!
76RachelWell, you’re lucky you never met that bitch Sharon Majesky. Anyway, umm… The rest of you life, y’know? Any regrets?
268NurseYou're that stupid.
269Monica(as Rachel) I am. I'm that stupid. (Little laugh.)
Observation: Monica's line in Episode E202/L139-140: , line(s) 202 is very similar to her line in Episode E117/L268-269: , line(s) 117.
Episode 202, Lines 139-140
139RachelOh, so you just sort of happened to leave it in here?
140MonicaDid it ever occur to you that I might just be that stupid?
312[SCENE]Scene: Central Perk, Joey is playing "She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not" with the petals of a flower, alternately looking hopeful and annoyed. Phoebe enters, but not as herself, for she has changed the style of her hair and make-up to match that of her twin sister. She hangs up her coat, revealing her new cardigan. Nervously, she smooths out the identifying garment, approaching Joey who sits next to the main sofa.
Observation: Kudos to Lisa Kudrow. In Episode E117/L312: , line(s) 117, she has to play the role of Phoebe playing the role of Ursula. Although Lisa Kudrow obviously knows how to play the role of Ursula perfectly, the character of Phoebe doesn't, so she has to play Ursula imperfectly here.
322Phoebe(as Ursula): Yeah, um... (nervously clears her throat) You know you, you should just forget about what I said under the bridge, I was talkin' crazy that night, I was so drunk!
323JoeyYou don't drink.
Observation: In Episode E117/L322-323: , line(s) 117, Ursula doesn't drink, but in Episode E806/L186: , line(s) 806, Ursula wants to get really drunk. (maybe she took up drinking sometime between those two episodes?)
Episode 806, Lines 186-186
186UrsulaYeah. It wasn’t a town when I got there, but it was a town when I left. (To Eric) Shall we get me really drunk?
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