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Episode 120: The One With The Evil Orthodontist

Only annotated lines are quoted below, not the entire script

1Written byDoty Abrams
Transcribed by: guineapig
10PhoebeHow can people do that?... (All but Phoebe walk away from the window in disgust.) Oh, you guys, look! Ugly Naked Guy got gravity boots!
Observation: In Episode E120/L10: , line(s) 120, Phoebe mentions Ugly Naked Guy's gravity boots; these are mentioned again in Episode E514/L166-169: , line(s) 514.
Episode 514, Lines 166-169
166RossThat is a great idea! And! I know Ugly Naked Guy because we've been watching him for like five years so that gives me back my edge! Oh, let's see now he had the trampoline.
167PhoebeHe broke that.
168RossWell, he had gravity boots.
169RachelYeah, he broke those too.
50[SCENE]Scene: Barry's Office, the post-coital Barry and Rachel are recovering on the chair.
51RachelWow... Wow!
53RachelI'm not crazy, right? I mean, it was never like that.
54BarryNooo, it wasn't.
55RachelOoh, and it's so nice having this little sink here...
Observation: Episode E120/L50-55: , line(s) 120 and Episode E219/L89-90: , line(s) 219 both suggest that Rachel performs fellatio.
Episode 219, Lines 89-90
89RACHELYes, my wind. How do you expect me to grow if you won't let me blow?
90ROSSYou, you know I, I don't, have a- have a problem with that.
148RachelPlease. I haven't heard from her in seven months, and now she calls me? I mean, what else is it about? Oh! She was my best friend, you guys! We went to camp together... she taught me how to kiss..
Observation: In Episode E120/L148: , line(s) 120, Rachel hints she kissed another woman. In Episode E720/L128: , line(s) 720, she states this more directly.
Episode 720, Lines 128-128
128RachelYeah, it was senior year in college. It was after the Sigma Chi luau and Melissa and I got very drunk! And we ended up kissing! For several minutes!
208Joey(to Monica) Can I use your phone? (On phone) Yeah, the number for a Sidney Marks, please.
Nitpick: In Episode E120/L208: , line(s) 120, is there only one Sidney Marks in all of Manhattan? Or did Joey also give the operator an address when we weren't listening? Contrast this to Episode E904/L91-92: , line(s) 904, where Ross has to bother four Mike Hannigans before finding the right one.
Episode 904, Lines 91-92
91MikeI'm not blowing her off, I actually just got off the phone with her, were going out tomorrow night, I mean I hope that's ok with you stranger from the coffee house.
92Rosswell then I didn't need to bother you or the four other Mike Hanagen's I bothered.
209Ross"Heating device."
211RossFive letters.
Observation: In Episode E120/L209-212: , line(s) 120, I wonder if the correct answer is "range".
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