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Episode 122: The One The Ick Factor

Only annotated lines are quoted below, not the entire script

1Written byAlexa Junge
Transcribed by: Mikael Hedberg
48RossNo, it's for when Carol goes into labor. She can get me wherever I am. I mean, all she has to do is to dial 55-JIMBO.
Observation: In Episode E122/L48: , line(s) 122, Ross' pager number is 55-JIMBO, which translates to 555-4626, and follows the tradition that TV/movie phone numbers start with 555. But, in Episode E517/L156: , line(s) 517 (below: 1010 from Episode I1010/E517/Joey's phone number/: ), we see Joey's phone number starts with 629, breaking this tradition.
Episode 517, Lines 156-156
156[SCENE]Scene: The lobby in Ross's building, we see a flyer that is on the bulletin board that reads, "Are you the Hot Girl who waved at me? If so, give me a call!" and it's signed, Joey 629-9*** (The last couple of numbers have been ripped off). Anyhoo, Ross is getting his mail.
Image below: Joey's phone number
61MonicaOh, I can't pass for 22?
62PhoebeWell, maybe 25-26.
63MonicaI am 26.
Nitpick: In Episode E714/L219-222: , line(s) 714, during Monica's 30th birthday party, Monica's parents know about Monica and Chandler. Since they found out about Monica and Chandler in Episode E609/L310-312: , line(s) 609, this means Monica must turn 30 sometime after Episode 609. However, in Episode E122/L61-63: , line(s) 122, Monica says she's 26, which means she'd actually turn 30 sometime during the 5th season (assuming 1 year per season).
Episode 714, Lines 219-222
219(ACTION)Monica stands up and wobbles slightly and Chandler runs over to catch her.
220Mr. Geller(filming this) Hey Chandler, you can’t keep your hands off her for one second!
221Mrs. GellerOh-ho, I think it’s nice.
222ChandlerI think it’s necessary. (Backs away anyhow.)
Episode 609, Lines 310-312
310RossMonica and Chandler are living together!
311[SCENE]The Gellers glare at Monica, shocked
312[SCENE]Monica and Chandler both are shocked. Ross gives Monica a “take that!” look.
173Young EthanOh, I'm a senior... in High School.
175Commercial Break
176[SCENE]Scene: Monica's Bedroom, continued from earlier.
177MonicaWhat we did was wrong. Oh god, I just had sex with somebody that wasn't alive during the Bicentennial.
Observation: In Episode E201/L83-85: , line(s) 201, Monica worries it's been a long time since she's had sex. Actually, she had some 3 episodes ago (Episode E122/L177: , line(s) 122), but I suppose that could be a long time for Monica. Plus, of course, we don't know how long an episode takes, and there was a season break between these episodes.
Episode 201, Lines 83-85
83MonicaPheebes, you know what I'm thinking?
84PhoebeOh, ok. How, it's been so long since you've had sex, you're wondering if they've changed it?
85MonicaNo, although now that's what I'm thinking.
178Young EthanI just had sex.
179MonicaEthan, focus. How could you not tell me?
180Young EthanWell, you never told me how old you were.
181MonicaWell, that's different. My lie didn't make one of us a felon in 48 states. What were you thinking?
Nitpick: In Episode E122/L173-181: , line(s) 122, Ethan says he's a senior in high school, and Monica says she's committed a felony. Most people turn 18 during their senior year, and since it's late in the season, Ethan could easily be 18. Monica doesn't seem to realize this, though a later line (Episode E122/L268: , line(s) 122) seems to indicate she's coincidentally correct.
Episode 122, Lines 268-268
268Young EthanAll right, look. I've gotta tell you something. I'm not 17. I only said so that you'd think I was cute and vunerable. I'm actually 30, I have a wife, I have a job, I'm your Congressman. Monica, this is ridiculous, we're great together. We can talk, we make each other laugh, and the sex. Oh, man, okay i have no frame of graft, but I thought that was great.
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