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Episode 207: The One Where Ross Finds Out

Only annotated lines are quoted below, not the entire script

1Written byMichael Borkow
Transcribed by: Josh Hodge
With Minor Adjustments by: Dan Silverstein
Observation: Mrs Tedlock from Chandler's office (Episode E115/L13-16: , line(s) 115, below: 52 from Episode I52/E115/Mrs Tedlock/: ), the pet shop owner from below: 37 from Episode I37/E207/Pet Shop Owner (DVD only)/: , and Mrs Weinberg from Episode E224/L146-151: , line(s) 224, below: 41 from Episode I41/E224/Mrs Weinberg/: are all played by Fritzi Burr. (the possibilities are endless: maybe they're triplets, or Mrs Weinburg or Mrs Tedlock runs a pet store on the side, or Mrs Tedlock got remarried to Mr Weinberg, etc...)
Episode 115, Lines 13-16
13[SCENE]Scene: Chandler's job, Chandler is typing data into his computer, he keeps typing even while taking a drink of coffee with one hand. One of his co-workers walks by.
15ChandlerMrs. Tedlock. You're looking lovely today. And may I say, that is a very flattering sleeve length on you.
16Mrs. TedlockYes. Well, Mr. Kostelick wants you to stop by his office at the end of the day.
Episode 224, Lines 146-151
146RACHELOh hi, Mr. Wineburg, hi Mrs. Wineburg.
147MR. WINEBURGIt's so wonderful to see you again, my dear, in fact I hardly expected to see so much.
148MRS. WINEBURGYou told me you didn't see anything.
149MR. WINEBURGI tell ya a lot things!
150MRS. WINEBURGWell it's wonderful to have you up and about, again, dear.
151MR. WINEBURGStay well.
Image below: Mrs Tedlock
Image below: Pet Shop Owner (DVD only)
Image below: Mrs Weinberg
55RossOh, Monica, I figured I'd come by tomorrow morning and pick up Fluffy's old cat toy, Okay?
56MonicaOnly if you say his full name.
57Ross(reluctantly) Can I come over tomorrow and pick up Fluffy Meowington's cat toy.
Observation: In Episode E207/L55-57: , line(s) 207, Monica had a cat, but in Episode E208/L256-257: , line(s) 208, she's allergic to cat hair (probably why she doesn't want one in Episode E702/L227-228: , line(s) 702). Thought: maybe she gave Fluffy Meowington away after realizing she was allergic? Chloe Rogers notes that in Episode E521/L215-220: , line(s) 521, Monica's allergic to Ms Whiskerson, even though Ms Whiskerson doesn't have any hair!
Episode 208, Lines 256-257
256RTSTIt's like I'm lookin' in a mirror. Anyway, they're called "fishtachios". They taste exactly like pistachios, but they're made primarily of reconstituted fish bits. Here, try one. You're not allergic to anything, are you?
257MNCACat hair.
Episode 702, Lines 227-228
227ChandlerI love you so much.
228MonicaI love you. (They kiss.) Hey listen umm, when, when you were talkin’ about our future you said cat, but you meant dog right.
Episode 521, Lines 215-220
215RachelWell, they said would but they would only give me store credit. I mean, what am I going to do, get a thousand regular cats?
216MonicaLook, if you want you can keep it at our place until you find out what to do with it.
217RachelNo Mon that's not the point. I'm out a thousand dollars, I'm all scratched up, and I'm stuck with this stupid cat that looks like a hand! (Storms out.)
218(ACTION)Monica sneezes.
219MonicaOh my God, the cat's made my eyes water! Don't-don't throw it to me! My vision's been compromised!! (Quickly grabs a tissue to wipe her eyes.) Oh God! Okay. Okay. It's okay. Man, that was close.
220ChandlerYeah, you almost overreacted to something.
147RossWha... you're uh, you're, you're over me?
148RachelOhh, ohh.
149RossWhen, when were you... under me? Rach. Rachel do you, I mean, were you, uh. . . What?
Observation: The joke in Episode E207/L147-149: , line(s) 207 is essentially the same as the joke in Episode E718/L105-106: , line(s) 718.
Episode 718, Lines 105-106
105JoeyHow’d you get over that teacher?
106RachelI didn’t. I got under him.
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