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Episode 209: The One With Phoebe's Dad

Only annotated lines are quoted below, not the entire script

1Written byJeffrey Astroff & Mike Sikowitz
Transcribed by: Josh Hodge
With Minor Adjustments by: Dan Silverstein
Observation: Episode E209/L40: , line(s) 209 is Gunther's first line, though he's visible as early as below: 7 from Episode I7/E102/Gunther in the background/: . His 2nd line is 10 episodes later (Episode E219/L146: , line(s) 219).
Episode 219, Lines 146-146
146GUNTHERLemonade? You ok man?
Image below: Gunther in the background
91GRANDMOTHERIt was your mother's idea. Ya know, she didn't want you to know your real father because it hurt her so much when he left, and, I didn't want to go along with it, but, well then she died and, and it was harder to argue with her. Not impossible, but harder.
92PHOEBEAlright, so, what, he's not a famous tree surgeon? And then, I guess, OK, he doesn't live in a hut in Burma where there's no phones?
93GRANDMOTHERLast I heard, he was a pharmacist somewhere upstate.
94PHOEBEOK, that makes no sense. Why would the villagers worship a pharmacist?
96PHOEBE[realizes] Oh.
97GRANDMOTHERAnyway, that's all I know. That, and this. [pulls apart a frame and pulls a picture out] This is the real him.
Observation: In Episode E209/L91-97: , line(s) 209, Phoebe sees a picture of her father, but doesn't recognize him in Episode E513/L123-125: , line(s) 513. (it was probably an old picture)
Episode 513, Lines 123-125
123PhoebeReally?! What's your name?
124ManUmm, Frank Buffay.
125(ACTION)Needless to say, Phoebe is stunned into silence. And one audience member gasps.
260JOEYHey, Monica, the knob was broken so I just turned it off from underneath, I hope that's alright.
Observation: Joey can't fix radiators (except for turning the knob) in Episode E119/L172-175: , line(s) 119, but turns off Monica/Rachel's radiator (Episode E209/L260: , line(s) 209) even though the knob's broken. (maybe he learned radiator repair during one of the lulls in his acting career?).
Episode 119, Lines 172-175
172Woman No. 1No. No, haven't seen a monkey. Do you know anything about fixing radiators?
173JoeyUm, sure! Did you, uh, did you try turning the knob back the other way?
174Woman No. 1Of course.
175JoeyOh. Then, no.
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