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Episode 210: The One With Russ

Only annotated lines are quoted below, not the entire script

1Written byIra Ungerlieder
Transcribed by: Josh Hodge
With Minor Adjustments by: Dan Silverstein
110[SCENE]Russ enters Central Perk. He looks like Ross, except for his chin and hair (it is David Schwimmer in a dual role).
Question: In Episode E210/L110: , line(s) 210, the transcriber claims Russ is a dual role played by David Schwimmer. To me, it sounds like David Schwimmer supplies the voice, but another actor plays the role (the credits note the role of Russ was played by "Snaro", which isn't helpful). Does anyone have anything definitive on this?
159PHOEWell, yeah, but... no. I mean, umm... doesn't.... doesn't Russ just remind you of someone?
160RACH[looks at him] Huh, Bob Saget?
161PHOE[looks at Russ] Oh, yeah! No, no, no, no, oh, oh.
Observation: I don't see it myself, but there are two references to Ross looking like Bob Saget. In Episode E523/L325-328: , line(s) 523, Phoebe thinks Ross is in costume as him, and in Episode E210/L159-161: , line(s) 210, Rachel and Phoebe both think Russ (who looks and acts almost identical to Ross) looks like him.
Episode 523, Lines 325-328
325RossPhoebe! (They hug.)
326PhoebeYou guys are here! Yay!
327RachelHi! (Hugs Phoebe)
328Phoebe(sees Rachel's face) What? Did you go to a costume party? Let me guess umm Pancho Vila? (Points at Rachel) and you're Bob Saget. (An old lady has sat down at the slot machine Phoebe was just at.)
189ROSSWell, uh, for your information, there's a woman at the museum, who's curator of moths and other... uh... winged things... who's, uh, let it be known that she is drawn to me much like a... well, you know. But so far I've been keeping her at bay, but, uh, if this is the deal...
Observation: Wouldn't the "curator of insects" (Episode E115/L80: , line(s) 115) and the "curator of moths and other wing-ed things" (Episode E210/L189: , line(s) 210) be the same thing, since moths are insects? (maybe Celia's still interested in Ross, or Celia's been replaced, or the museum underwent a reorganization?)
Episode 115, Lines 80-80
80RossHer name is Celia. She's not a bug lady. She's curator of insects at the museum.
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