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Episode 211: The One With The Lesbian Wedding

Only annotated lines are quoted below, not the entire script

1Written byDoty Abrams
Transcribed by: Mindy Mattingly Phillips
26JOEYIt really hit me last night. I'm gonna be on Days of our Lives. And then I started thinkin' about all of u, and how these are the days of our lives..
Nitpick: Re Episode E211/L26: , line(s) 211, Days of Our Lives films in Burbank (at least in our universe), a fairly long commute for Joey, who lives in New York City. [This annotation came from another source, and I am in the process of properly crediting it. It is it not something I annotated myself]
43JOEYYeah, and she's really nice too. She taught me all about how to work the cameras, and smell-the-fart acting.
Observation: "Fart" was one of the original "seven words you can never say on television" (Episode E211/L43: , line(s) 211).
76RACHELOk, who ordered what?
Observation: In Episode E211/L76: , line(s) 211, Rachel's apparentally given up on keeping people's orders straight. In Episode E103/L52: , line(s) 103, she at least makes an attempt to remember who ordered what.
Episode 103, Lines 52-52
52Rachel(carrying a tray of drinks) Alright, don't tell me, don't tell me! (Starts handing them out.) Decaf cappucino for Joey.. Coffee black.. Late.. And an iced tea. I'm getting pretty good at this!
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