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Episode 304: The One With The Metophorical Tunnel

Only annotated lines are quoted below, not the entire script

1Written byAlexa Junge
Transcribed by: Eric Aasen
40PhoebeNo, no, no, I know, I know, ooh. (on the phone in a different voice) 'Hi, this is Katelynn, from Phoebe Buffay's office. Um, is um, Ann there for Phoebe, she'll know what it's about.'
Observation: In Episode E304/L40: , line(s) 304, Phoebe's fake name is "Katelynn"; later (starting Episode E423/L642: , line(s) 423) it's "Regina Philange" (we don't learn her first name until Episode E523/L572: , line(s) 523).
Episode 423, Lines 642-642
642Phoebe(On the phone, in New York) Uh, hello, this is Ross Geller's personal physician, Dr. Philange.
Episode 523, Lines 572-572
572Phoebe(entering and sitting down at the table.) Hello. My name is Regina Phalange. I'm a businesswoman in town on business. Would you like to see my card? (Looks down) Ooh, what did I do with my file-a-facts? I must've left it in conference room B.
96JoeyYou were amazing, could you just do me this huge favor, you see there's this one other audition that I really, really want, and Estelle couldn't get me in.
97PhoebeOh, I don't know. I mean it was fun one time.
98JoeyCome on, please, it'll be just this one more, well actually it's two.
100JoeyYeah! Well, well really it's three. Please. You're so good at it. I love you.
101PhoebeOkay, I'll do it, but just these three, right
102JoeyNooo, four.
Observation: Phoebe acts as Joey's agent in Episode E304/L96-102: , line(s) 304; is that why Estelle's upset in Episode E604/L120-122: , line(s) 604?
Episode 604, Lines 120-122
120Joey(entering) Hey Estelle, listen…
121EstelleWell! Well! Well! Joey Tribbiani! So you came back huh? They think they can do better but they all come crawling back to Estelle!
122JoeyWhat are you talkin’ about? I never left you! You’ve always been my agent!
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