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Episode 401: The One With The Jellyfish

Only annotated lines are quoted below, not the entire script

1Written byWil Calhoun
Transcribed by: Eric Aasen
2Joey(lying on a beach towel, recapping what happened in the last episode) Okay, so we went to the beach, because Phoebe found out about this lady who knew her mom and dad, and I don’t really know what happened with that.
3[SCENE]cut to Phoebe Sr.’s house, from the last episode
4Phoebe Sr.(to Phoebe) I’m your mother.
6[SCENE]cut to Monica opening the door of the beach house, with Chandler trying to pick her up for a date.
7Joey(voice-over) Oh, and then Monica joked that she wouldn’t go out with a guy like Chandler...
8Chandler(to Monica) (in a funny voice) Hi there. (Monica turns her head away in disgust)
9Joey(voice-over) ...and he couldn’t let it go, and... I don’t really know what happened with that either.
10[SCENE]cut to a montage of scenes involving Bonnie, Ross, and Rachel from the last episode.
11Joey(voice-over) Oh-oh! And then Ross’s new girlfriend, Bonnie, shows up and Rachel convinced her to save her head. And then Ross and Rachel kiss, and now Ross has to choose between Rachel and the bald girl and I don’t know what happened there either...
12[SCENE]cut back to Joey on the beach towel
13JoeyY'know what, hold on, let me go get Chandler. (gets up and leaves.)
Nitpick: In Episode E201/L3: , line(s) 201, Phoebe shouldn't know about Julie because Ross hasn't returned from the airport yet! Of course, it's possible that Lisa Kudrow (not Phoebe) is doing the recap, but she seems to be in character. Contrast this to Episode E401/L2-13: , line(s) 401, where Joey does the recap and admits he doesn't know what's happened since last season.
Episode 201, Lines 3-3
3PhoebeOk, so this is pretty much what's happened so far. Ross was in love with Rachel since, you know, forever, but every time he tried to tell her, something kind of got in the way, like cats, and Italian guys. Finally Chandler was like "forget about her" but when Ross was in China on his dig, Chandler let it slip that Ross was in love with Rachel. She was like, "Oh my god." So she went to the airport to meet him when he came back, but what she didn't know was, that Ross was getting off the plane with another woman. Uh-Oh! So, that's pretty much everything you need to know. But, enough about us. So, how've you been?
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