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Episode 506: The One With The Yeti

Only annotated lines are quoted below, not the entire script

1Written byAlexa Junge
Transcribed by: Eric Aasen
88JoeyUhh, like dark hair, bushy beard?
90JoeyYeah, you fogged Danny.
Nitpick: In Episode E506/L88-90: , line(s) 506, Rachel confirms the man she fogged had dark hair. But it was dark in the storage room after the lights had gone out, so I doubt Rachel could've determined Danny's hair color -- even if his hair was light blonde, it would appear dark in the darkened storage room (below: 1004 from Episode I1004/E506/Danny in the storage room/: ).
Image below: Danny in the storage room
143MonicaNo, Ross, we do not hate Emily. We-we just, we just think that you're having to sacrifice a whole lot to make her happy.
Observation: In Episode E506/L143: , line(s) 506, Monica's just being nice when she says she doesn't hate Emily. In Episode E520/L124: , line(s) 520, it certainly sounds like she does.
Episode 520, Lines 124-124
124MonicaWe have too! I mean what if Ross's hears that and then calls her back and then they get back together? Is that what you want? Ross back with that controlling, neurotic, crazy Emily? The Emily that wouldn't let him see you?
225RossHey! Hey, look! Ugly Naked Guy's back!
226(ACTION)They all run over to the window.
227RachelI haven't seen him in so long!
228PhoebeOh God, I really missed that fat bastard!
Observation: In Episode E506/L225-228: , line(s) 506, the gang indicates they haven't seen Ugly Naked Guy in a long time, and this appears to be correct. The last appearance I can find for him is Episode E308/L167: , line(s) 308, almost two years prior.
Episode 308, Lines 167-167
167[SCENE]Cut to later, all except Chandler are staring out the window at Ugly Naked Guy.
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