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Episode 509: The One With Ross's Sandwich

Only annotated lines are quoted below, not the entire script

1Written byAndrew Reich & Ted Cohen
Transcribed by: Eric Aasen
174PhoebeYeah, this book was light years ahead of its time.
Observation: In Episode E509/L174: , line(s) 509, Phoebe uses "light years" as a measurement of time, though it's actually a measurement of distance (the distance light travels in a vacuum in one year). Alas, almost everyone does this, though.
206PhoebeWell, yeah! Fun is good, but y'know I also wanted to learn. Y'know, people are always talking about what they learned in high school and I never went to high school.
Observation: In Episode E503/L111-112: , line(s) 503, Phoebe is of course being sarcastic when she says she also graduated early. As she mentions in Episode E509/L206: , line(s) 509, she never went to high school at all.
Episode 503, Lines 111-112
111Dr. ObermanUmm, I'm actually a first year resident, but I get that a lot, you see, I-I graduated early…
112Phoebe(interrupting) Uh-huh, me too. Ross, maybe I should've specified that I'd be needing a grown up doctor.
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