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Episode 518: The One Where Rachel Smokes

Only annotated lines are quoted below, not the entire script

1Written byMichael Curtis
Transcribed by: Eric Aasen
75Kim(at the door) Rachel? Do you smoke?
76RachelOh no, my dad's a doctor and he would always tell me just horror stories…(stops and tries to change directions)…about ghosts and goblins who totally supported the princess's right to smoke.
Nitpick: In Episode E518/L75-76: , line(s) 518, Rachel starts to say her father is strongly against smoking. However, in Episode E222/L182-183: , line(s) 222, we see that he smokes. Not really a nitpick, but this seems a little hypocritical.
Episode 222, Lines 182-183
182MR. GREENEThank you. Is that one of my cigarettes?
183ROSS[pulls the cigarette off his upper lip and hands it to Mr. Greene] Yeah, yes it is, I was just moistening the tip.
112MonicaWait a minute, are you doing Joey's (sadly) "Audition didn't go so well. (Happily) Yeah it did?"
113Ross(Pause) Yeah I am! Yeah, Ben got a second audition!
114Joey(also downtrodden) Yeah, I had to teach Ross my bit because I actually didn't get a callback.
Nitpick: In Episode E518/L112-114: , line(s) 518, Joey says he had to teach Ross his "bummed out" bit. Actually, Ross (and Chandler and Rachel for that matter) have already done this bit even as far back as Episode E103/L149-152: , line(s) 103.
Episode 103, Lines 149-152
149[SCENE]Scene: Central Perk, Monica is alone as Ross, Rachel, Chandler, and Joey enter dejectedly in softball gear.
150MonicaHi.. how was the game?
152AllWE WON!! Thank you! Yes!
275(ACTION)Rachel enters.
276Phoebe(noticing her) Oh, look! Look! Look!
278RachelWhat?! What?! My birthday's not for another month!
279MonicaThat's the surprise!
Nitpick: In Episode E405/L9-10: , line(s) 405, Rachel says her birthday is May 5th, but in Episode E722/L183-184: , line(s) 722, a policeman notes Rachel's an Aquarius (which would put her birthday between January 21st and February 19th). In Episode E717/L62-63: , line(s) 717, we learn Monica's wedding is May 15th, 10 days after Rachel's birthday, but Rachel celebrates her birthday in Episode E714/L2-4: , line(s) 714, and Monica's wedding is in Episode E723/L576-578: , line(s) 723, 9 episodes later. That's a long 10 days! Interestingly, in Episode E722/L251-253: , line(s) 722, Monica says her wedding is in "two weeks". And they can't even be celebrating Rachel's birthday early again (like they did in Episode E518/L275-279: , line(s) 518), because in Episode E714/L25: , line(s) 714, Rachel says she's still 29 in Guam (implying she's 30 in New York). [This annotation came from another source, and I am in the process of properly crediting it. It is it not something I annotated myself]
Episode 405, Lines 9-10
9GuntherWhen's your birthday?
10RachelMay fifth, why?
Episode 722, Lines 183-184
183PolicemanYou’re an Aquarius, huh?
184RachelI bet you’re a Gemini.
Episode 717, Lines 62-63
62Megan(To Monica) So when are you getting married?
63MonicaOh May 15th.
Episode 714, Lines 2-4
2[SCENE]Scene: Joey and Rachel's, Joey is knocking on Rachel’s door, whose door frame is decorated with balloons. The rest of the gang is there as well. Rachel opens the door and the gang blow on noisemakers.
3RossHappy birthday!!!
4MonicaHappy birthday!!!
Episode 723, Lines 576-578
576(ACTION)Chandler and Monica both turn, take the rings from Ross and Rachel respectively, and place them on each other’s fingers.
577JoeyWe good? Yeah? Good? Once again, I pronounce you husband and wife. (To Chandler) Now kiss her again.
578(ACTION)They kiss and everyone applauds.
Episode 722, Lines 251-253
251ChandlerActually Monica and I are engaged.
252HelenaReally?! Congratulations. When’s the big day?
253Monica(looks at Chandler) In…in two weeks.
Episode 714, Lines 25-25
25RachelY’know, I’m still 29 in Guam.
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