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Episode 522: The One With Joey's Big Break

Only annotated lines are quoted below, not the entire script

1Teleplay byWil Calhoun
Story by: Shana Goldberg-Meehan
Transcribed by: Eric Aasen
49JoeyIt's called Shutter Speed, it's really cool! Yeah, umm, I meet this girl in the subway and we fall in love in like a day, right? And then, she disappears… But I find out where she lives and when I get there this like old lady answers the door and I say, "Where's Betsy?" Right? And she says, "Betsy's been dead for 10 years."
Observation: I wonder if the title of Joey's movie in Episode E522/L49: , line(s) 522 is a pun on "Picture Perfect", which starred Jennifer Aniston.
325PhoebeOh my God, I remember now! We were playing chess!
326RossPhoebe! You and I have never played chess!
Observation: In Episode E522/L325-326: , line(s) 522, Ross had to remind Phoebe that they've never played chess. In Episode E720/L100-102: , line(s) 720, we see that Phoebe doesn't even know how to play chess.
Episode 720, Lines 100-102
100[SCENE]Scene: Joey and Rachel's, Joey and Phoebe are moving chess pieces around on the board and hitting the timer at random.
101JoeyWe should really learn how to play the real way. (Moves another piece.)
102PhoebeI like our way. Oh! (Grabs a piece and jumps a bunch of Joey’s like in Checkers.) Chess!
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