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Episode 602: The One Where Ross Hugs Rachel

Only annotated lines are quoted below, not the entire script

1Written byShana Goldberg-Meehan
Transcribed by: Eric Aasen
42ChandlerY’know when we move in together, can I get a gumball machine?
43MonicaOf course! Joey wouldn’t let you have one?
44ChandlerNo. When it comes to sweets, he’s surprisingly strict.
Nitpick: In Episode E602/L42-44: , line(s) 602, Chandler's obviously joking when he says Joey's strict with sweets, because in Episode E505/L75-76: , line(s) 505, he mentions Joey leaves Rollos everywhere.
Episode 505, Lines 75-76
75MonicaOoh, chocolates on the pillows! I love that!
76ChandlerOh, you should live with Joey, Roll-os everywhere.
115RachelAnd Chandler, you’re gonna have to watch those long showers you take in the morning because you know Raquel can’t be late.
117MonicaYeah, he’s gonna work on that.
Observation: In Episode E113/L188-196: , line(s) 113, Chandler's showers last less than 5 minutes, but in Episode E602/L115-117: , line(s) 602, Chandler takes long showers. (maybe Chandler was intentionally taking short showers in Episode 113 until the whole "booby" thing blew over?)
Episode 113, Lines 188-196
188RachelHey, listen, Ronni, how long would you say Chandler's been in the shower?
189RonniOh, like, uh, five minutes?
190RachelPerfect. Fasten your seatbelts, it's peepee time. (She goes into Joey and Chandler's apartment, where Mr. Tribbiani is reading the paper) Hey, Mr. Trib.
191Mr. TribbianiHey. Morning, dear.
192(ACTION)Rachel goes up to the door of their bathroom
193RachelChandler Bing? It's time to see your thing.
194(ACTION)She opens the door and whips back the curtain. It's Joey. They both scream
195Joey(Runs out in a towel) What's the matter with you?!
196RachelI thought it was Chandler!
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