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Episode 603: The One With Ross's Denial

Only annotated lines are quoted below, not the entire script

1Written bySeth Kurland
Transcribed by: Eric Aasen
11Rachel…how about I move in with you?
12PhoebeWell, that would be great but then what do we do about Denise?
13MonicaWho’s Denise?
14PhoebeMy roommate.
15RachelYou have a roommate?!
16PhoebeYes, Denise. Denise!
17JoeyHey, what is with the secrecy Phoebe? Huh? And what about this Denise, is she cute?
18ChandlerPheebs, I don’t understand. How can you have a roommate that none of us know anything about?
19PhoebeMaybe because you never listen to anything that I say. I talk about her all the time! DENISE!!!!!
Nitpick: In Episode E603/L11-19: , line(s) 603, Phoebe's roommate Denise (as a reason Rachel can't move in w/ Phoebe) is obviously a lie. In Episode E523/L116-117: , line(s) 523, Phoebe confirms she lives alone and in Episode E507/L304: , line(s) 507, Phoebe offers to let Ross live with her (ie, as if she doesn't already have a roommate). It's possible Denise moved in between Episodes 523 and 603, but that's a bit of a stretch.
Episode 523, Lines 116-117
116RachelNo! Phoebe just because I'm alone doesn’t mean I wanna walk around naked. I mean, you live alone, you don't walk around naked.
117PhoebeUh-huh! Why do you think it takes me so long to answer the door?
Episode 507, Lines 304-304
304RossYeah. But, the good news is that Phoebe said that I could stay at her place for a while. So…
80RachelPheebs, this whole apartment thing is just a nightmare! Every place I can afford comes with a roommate who is a freak. I mean, look at this; (Points to one and starts to read it.) "Wanted. Female roommate, non-smoker, non-ugly." It’s just, there is nothing! The city’s full!
Observation: In Episode E603/L80: , line(s) 603, Rachel obviously didn't read the phone number in the ad; otherwise, she would've immediately realized this was Joey's apartment.
114PhoebeNo. No, I won’t. But I should tell you this, this exact same thing happened to my roommate Denise. She moved in with a guy who was secretly married to her and he said he didn’t love her, but he really did, and it just blew up! And that’s how she ended up living with me! (Ross looks at her.) (Pause) Okay, that’s a lie.
Observation: Phoebe lies when she says that she never lies (Episode E112/L187: , line(s) 112). Examples: Episode E603/L114: , line(s) 603, Episode E706/L104-109: , line(s) 706, others. (maybe she meant she'd never lied up to that point? and, of course, there's nothing inconsistent about a liar saying they never lie!).
Episode 112, Lines 187-187
187PhoebeOk, um, (clears throat) we haven't known each other for that long a time, and, um, there are three things that you should know about me. One, my friends are the most important thing in my life, two, I never lie, and three, I make the best oatmeal raisin cookies in the world. (Phoebe opens a tin and offers Rachel a cookie)
Episode 706, Lines 104-109
104Rachel(shocked) You have been maid of honor before?!!
105PhoebeSee? This is exactly why you shouldn’t lie!
106RachelAll right that’s it! I am maid of honor!
107PhoebeNa-uh, I am!
108RachelHow come you are?!
109PhoebeBecause I cared enough to lie!
174Ross(jumping up) Good! A verbal contract is binding in the state of New York! (Storms out.)
Observation: Re Episode E603/L174: , line(s) 603, actually verbal contracts are binding in every state of the Union for many purposes; they're just harder to enforce.
178GuntherOh, I was going to offer you my apartment.
179RachelWhy, where are you going?
Observation: In Episode E603/L178-179: , line(s) 603, Gunther offers Rachel his apartment; apparentally, he no longer lives with Jasmine as he did in Episode E316/L165-169: , line(s) 316.
Episode 316, Lines 165-169
165JasmineBut you should probably talk to my roommate, because I told him and he knows Phoebe too.
166Ross(angrily) Who’s your roommate?
167[SCENE]Scene: Central Perk, Gunther is wiping down the counter as Ross rushes in.
168RossGunther! Gunther. Gunther, please tell me you didn’t say anything to Rachel about me and the girl from the Xerox place.
169GuntherI’m sorry. Was I not supposed to?
270JoeyExcellent! Okay umm, doggy.
271The Potential RoommateKitten?
272JoeyOoh, sorry! No-no-no, so close though, but—bye-bye! (He ushers her out the door.)
Observation: In Episode E603/L270-272: , line(s) 603, I'm guessing the correct answer to Joey's question is "style", and not "pussy".
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