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Episode 617: The One With The Unagi

Only annotated lines are quoted below, not the entire script

1Teleplay byAdam Chase
Story by: Zachary Rosenblatt
Transcribed by: Eric Aasen
15JoeyOh, ha-ha-ha! Ooh! Wait a minute, I used to get medical experiments down on me all the time!
16Chandler(reminiscing) Ah, finally an explanation.
17JoeyNo-no! I used to get paid for all kinds of medical stuff, remember? Let’s see uh, well I don’t want to donate sperm again. (To Ross) I really prefer doing that at the home office y’know? (Ross nods his head.) Ooh-ooh, maybe they want like some of my blood or-or spit or something, huh?
Observation: In Episode E617/L15-17: , line(s) 617, Joey mentions having medical experiments done on him. We see one example of this in Episode E124/L21-24: , line(s) 124.
Episode 124, Lines 21-24
21Joey(sigh)... It's a fertility study.
22(ACTION)Rachel laughs.
23MonicaOh, Joey, please tell me you're only donating your time.
24JoeyAlright, come on you guys, it's not that big a deal. Really... I mean, I just go down there every other day and... make my contribution to the project. Hey, hey, but at the end of two weeks, I get seven hundred dollars.
227JaniceI love the way you look every night Chandler! (Monica breaks the kiss and Chandler freezes in terror.) That’s why I made you this tape! Happy Birthday! Love Janice!
Observation: Janice's tape-recorded voice in Episode E617/L227: , line(s) 617 keeps alive the tradition of having Janice appear at least once every season (excluding clip shows).
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