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Episode 618: The One Where Ross Dates A Student

Only annotated lines are quoted below, not the entire script

1Written bySeth Kurland
Transcribed by: Eric Aasen
28JoeyNo-no-no, please-please Chandler I-I-I would owe you so much!
29ChandlerYou do owe me so much. You owe me three thousand, four hundred…
Observation: In Episode E618/L28-29: , line(s) 618, Chandler immediately knows how much Joey owes him, but in Episode E822/L190-210: , line(s) 822, they need a long calculation to figure this out (Chandler was probably just joking in Episode 618).
Episode 822, Lines 190-210
190JoeyUh-huh look, the only reason I can over here was to settle things between us! Okay? You’ve done a lot for me and my career, I wanted to pay you back so I took you to the premiere but you missed it! Okay, so how much do I owe you?
192JoeyGive me a number, I don’t want to owe you anything!
193ChandlerYou don’t owe me anything, I don’t want you money…
194JoeyAh-ah-ah! We’re doing this! Okay, now you got me my first set of head shots. Right, how much were those?
195ChandlerI don’t know, five hundred dollars?
196JoeyOkay, five hundred dollars. What else?
197ChandlerWell then there was the second set, the infamous booger head shots.
198JoeyOkay, so that’s another five hundred. Five hundred and five hundred, that’s… (Pauses to figure it out.)
199ChandlerDo you want a calculator?
201ChandlerHere! (Hands him one. Joey adds it up and discovers that he was right.)
202JoeyAll right, what else?
203ChandlerWell uh, there was acting classes, stage combat classes, tap classes…
204JoeyWhich we’re still keeping under our hats!
205ChandlerUh then there was that dialect coach who helped you with that play where you needed a southern accent. Which after twenty hours of lessons still came out Jamaican.
206JoeyWhat the hell are you talking about, (in a Jamaican accent) "The south will rise again man."
207ChandlerYes, money well spent!
208JoeyYeah. Okay, what else? Rent!
209ChandlerOkay, two, three years of rent, utilities, food…
210JoeyOkay. Okay, so I’m writing you a check for…So you fell asleep during my movie. Big deal right? How do you clear this thing?
107MonicaYou’re right, I’m sorry. It’s not like you’re y’know, going out with an ex-girlfriend.
108ChandlerNo, we only went out once.
109MonicaYou dated her!
Observation: Chandler dated non-blonde Dana Keystone in college (Episode E618/L107-109: , line(s) 618, below: 1016 from Episode I1016/E618/Dana Keystone/: ), but later says he dated only blondes in college (Episode E706/L85: , line(s) 706). (maybe Dana was a blonde in college and/or one date doesn't count as "dating"?).
Episode 706, Lines 85-85
85ChandlerNo, no I only dated two girls in college, both blonde, both not attractive… (Thinks a little while.) Hold on one second; let me check this out. (He gets up and grabs a photo album.
Image below: Dana Keystone
138[SCENE]Scene: A street, Ross is walking with Elizabeth on their date.
Nitpick: Ross doesn't like ice cream (Episode E708/L121-125: , line(s) 708), but seems to be ok w/ frozen yogurt (Episode E315/L168: , line(s) 315). Ross enjoys ice cream with Elizabeth in Episode E618/L138: , line(s) 618 (below: 1017 from Episode I1017/E618/Ross and Elizabeth with ice cream/: , but if you watch carefully, Ross never actually eats ice cream in this scene), and with Marcel in Episode E212/L500: , line(s) 212 (below: 34 from Episode I34/E212/Ross and Marcel share an ice cream/: ). In Episode E103/L290-292: , line(s) 103, everyone seems to be eating ice cream, but, again, if you watch carefully, Ross is just holding a spoon and not actually eating anything (below: 1002 from Episode I1002/E103/Ross not-quite-eating ice cream/: ).
Episode 708, Lines 121-125
121JoeyLook, Chandler, I told you, never tell anyone about this dog thing. It's like Ross not likin’ ice cream.
122PhoebeYou don't like ice cream?
123RossIt's too cold.
124ChandlerOkay, it's just that dogs make me a little uncomfortable.
125Ross(to Phoebe) It hurts my teeth.
Episode 315, Lines 168-168
168RossOkay, okay, fine, you’re right. Let’s ah, let’s take a break, (goes to the door) let’s cool off, okay, let’s get some frozen yogart, or something.. (opens the door)
Episode 212, Lines 500-500
500[SCENE]"Looks Like We Made It" starts playing and we enter a whole sequence of Marcel and Ross having fun in the city.
Episode 103, Lines 290-292
290[SCENE]Scene: Monica and Rachel's, everyone is mopping around and eating ice cream.
291RachelRemember when we went to Central Park and rented boats?.. That was fun.
292RossYeah. He could row like a viking.
Image below: Ross and Elizabeth with ice cream
Image below: Ross and Marcel share an ice cream
Image below: Ross not-quite-eating ice cream
203ChandlerNo, that was Dana Caplin.
Question: Re Episode E618/L203: , line(s) 618, is Dana Kaplan (not Caplin) a famous name? It sounds familiar.
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