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Episode 621: The One Where Ross Meets Elizabeth's Dad

Only annotated lines are quoted below, not the entire script

1Teleplay byScott Siveri
Story by: David J. Lagana
Transcribed by: Eric Aasen
18JoeyBut I got to act with a robot Pheebs, and-and I don’t know anything about technology! I can’t even use Chandler’s computer except to find porn! And-and that’s only ‘cause it’s right there when you turn it on!
Observation: Chandler tells Joey not to touch his computer (Episode E208/L98-99: , line(s) 208), but Joey uses it to view porn (Episode E621/L18: , line(s) 621). (the computer is probably worth so much less by Episode 621 that Chandler no longer minds)
Episode 208, Lines 98-99
98JOEYHey, here's a thought, Ross. [reaches for the computer]
99CHANDon't touch the computer. Don't ever touch the computer.
26PhoebeWell, if you must know I have written 14 books. And as I am the only one who has read them, I can tell you that they all have been very well received.
Observation: Phoebe's written 14 books (Episode E621/L26: , line(s) 621) about her friends (Episode E621/L119-121: , line(s) 621). Will somoene buy the rights and produce a sitcom of these? (shades of Seinfeld!)
Episode 621, Lines 119-121
119Phoebe(writing frantically) You guys, I’m sorry, could you please talk a little slower?
120ChandlerThis is going in your book?
121PhoebeYeah, it’s about relationships. Y’know? The traps, the pitfalls, what not to do, keep going. This stuff is great!
62[SCENE]Scene: Central Perk, Ross is at the counter drinking coffee as Elizabeth enters with her dad, Paul. Elizabeth goes to kiss Ross, but he just kisses her on the forehead. By the way Paul is played by Bruce Willis. Yes, that Bruce Willis from Moonlighting, Die Hard, and Armageddon.
Observation: Bruce Willis plays Elizabeth's dad, Paul (Episode E621/L62: , line(s) 621), and also stars in Die Hard (Episode E706/L30: , line(s) 706), but no one notices the resemblance. (maybe Bruce Willis looks different in the Friends universe and/or Die Hard may star someone else).
Episode 706, Lines 30-30
30[SCENE]Scene: Ross's apartment, Chandler, Joey, and Ross are finishing watching Die Hard on video.
280WayneListen, I-I guarantee you keep your job if you can teach me how to talk to women like you do.
281JoeyOh wow Wayne, it’s not really something you can teach y’know? It’s pretty much something you’re born with if you—(Off Chandler’s look)—You-you can teach it! I’ll show you right how to do it.
Observation: In both Episode E621/L280-281: , line(s) 621 and Episode E705/L193: , line(s) 705, Joey claims you can't teach someone to be good w/ women, but in Episode 621, he changes his mind and teaches Wayne. (I'm guessing he didn't try as hard with Chandler since there wasn't a job at stake?)
Episode 705, Lines 193-193
193JoeyHey well, you can’t teach someone to be good with women. Y’know, that’s why I never had any luck with Chandler.
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