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Episode 705: The One With The Engagement Picture

Only annotated lines are quoted below, not the entire script

1Teleplay byPatty Lin
Story by: Earl Davis
Transcribed by: Eric Aasen
10MonicaThat’s not true, there are great pictures of us!
11ChandlerNo, there are great pictures of you standing next to a guy who’s going like this… (Makes what can only be described as a toothy frown. Henceforth, this shall be known as The Face.)
12PhoebeOh my God! That’s the creep that you’re with at the Statue of Liberty.
13ChandlerI don’t know what it is, I just can’t take a good picture.
Observation: Chandler seems to have gotten over his can't-take-a-good-picture problem from Episode E705/L10-13: , line(s) 705, below: 1021 from Episode I1021/E705/Chandler can't take a good picture/: . In Episode E802/L175-177: , line(s) 802, he smiles just fine. [This annotation came from another source, and I am in the process of properly crediting it. It is it not something I annotated myself]
Episode 802, Lines 175-177
175[SCENE]Scene: The Banquet Room, Ross and Chandler are in their tuxes and have started to fake the pictures.
176Chandler(to another couple) Uh, excuse me? Could you take a picture of us?
177Woman At The WeddingOh! Of course. (Ross and Chandler pose and she takes the picture.)
Image below: Chandler can't take a good picture
193JoeyHey well, you can’t teach someone to be good with women. Y’know, that’s why I never had any luck with Chandler.
Observation: In both Episode E621/L280-281: , line(s) 621 and Episode E705/L193: , line(s) 705, Joey claims you can't teach someone to be good w/ women, but in Episode 621, he changes his mind and teaches Wayne. (I'm guessing he didn't try as hard with Chandler since there wasn't a job at stake?)
Episode 621, Lines 280-281
280WayneListen, I-I guarantee you keep your job if you can teach me how to talk to women like you do.
281JoeyOh wow Wayne, it’s not really something you can teach y’know? It’s pretty much something you’re born with if you—(Off Chandler’s look)—You-you can teach it! I’ll show you right how to do it.
223ChandlerYeah, and then I fell asleep on the subway and went all the way to Brooklyn. Brooklyn is f-far!!
Observation: In Episode E705/L223: , line(s) 705, Chandler takes the subway to Brooklyn and says it's far. Actually, he's done this before, as he tells Aurora in Episode E106/L60: , line(s) 106.
Episode 106, Lines 60-60
60ChandlerAlright. Once I got on the subway, right, and it was at night, and I rode it all the way to Brooklyn... just for the hell of it.
258TagDo you believe that there is one perfect person for everyone?
259RachelWell, I-I’m startin’ too.
260TagAnd if that person is already in your life, you should do something about it right?
261RachelYes! Hell yes!
262TagAll right then, it’s settled.
264TagI’m gettin’ back together with my ex-girlfriend.
Nitpick: In Episode E708/L152-157: , line(s) 708, Tag thinks he won't end up w/ his ex-girlfriend. But, in Episode E705/L258-264: , line(s) 705, we see they've broken up before and gotten back together. Why does Tag think they won't get together again?
Episode 708, Lines 152-157
152RachelYeah? I'm sorry about your girlfriend.
154RachelSo were you guys together a long time?
155TagA year. On and off. I kinda thought we'd end up together. I don't anymore.
156RachelNow that she broke up with you?
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