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Episode 711: The One With All The Cheesecakes

Only annotated lines are quoted below, not the entire script

1Written byShana Goldberg-Meehan
Transcribed by: Eric Aasen
With Help from: Aaron Howard-Miller
39PhoebeJoseph Francis Tribbiani are you home yet?!!
Observation: I believe Episode E711/L39: , line(s) 711 is the first time we hear Joey's middle name.
252MonicaFrannie was the one who found your Playboys and showed them to mom.
253RossThat bitch! (He gets up and they go over to ambush Frannie. Monica taps on Frannie’s shoulder.)
Nitpick: In Episode E609/L303-304: , line(s) 609, Ross' parents seem shocked that he stole his dad's playboys. But, in Episode E711/L252-253: , line(s) 711, Monica says Frannie showed Ross' Playboys to their mother a long time ago.
Episode 609, Lines 303-304
303MonicaAnd Dad, y’know that mailman that you got fired? He didn’t steal your Playboys! Ross did!
304[SCENE]The Gellers stare at Ross. Ross looks at his parents with an afraid, shocked look.
264DavidJuly. Umm, (He speaks Russian.)
265PhoebeThat’s really beautiful. What does it mean?
266DavidPlease, clean my beakers. I don’t get out of the lab much.
267PhoebeThat’s good. I got to admit, I thought it was something else.
268DavidYeah, I… Well I really actually wanted to say umm, that, but um, I figured I probably shouldn’t because y’know, I…have to leave.
269PhoebeYou’re right! You’re right. Don’t say it.
270DavidI-I do though.
271PhoebeI do too. (They kiss.)
272DavidBye Phoebe. (He gets in and the cab drives off. Joey walks up and witnesses that event.)
Observation: In Episode E110/L240-241: , line(s) 110, David carefully avoids saying he loves Phoebe, even after she prompts him. In Episode E711/L264-272: , line(s) 711, he essentially admits that he does love Phoebe.
Episode 110, Lines 240-241
240PhoebeOoh, sorry. Um, and, and then you put your arms around me. And then you put your arms around me. (He does so) And, um, and then you tell me that you love me and you'll never forget me.
241DavidI'll never forget you.
273Phoebe(seeing him) Okay, now’s not the time Joey. All right? You can yell at me tomorrow.
274JoeyNo! No! No Pheebs, I’m not gonna yell at you. I just y’know, started thinking about you and David and I…remember how bummed you were the first time he left. And I just… Oh Pheebs, come here. (He hugs her.) Are you okay?
275PhoebeNo I’m not okay. The only guy I’ve ever been crazy about has gone to Minsk and I may never…I may never see him again. (Crying.)
Nitpick: In Episode E904/L17-21: , line(s) 904, Episode E904/L158: , line(s) 904, and Episode E904/L187: , line(s) 904, Phoebe implies she's never been married, lived with a guy or been in a long-term or serious relationship. Actually, she has been married (Episode E204/L13-16: , line(s) 204), did move in with Gary (Episode E521/L262-270: , line(s) 521, Episode E521/L313-317: , line(s) 521), and was serious about David (Episode E711/L268-275: , line(s) 711).
Episode 904, Lines 17-21
17Phoebe I can't believe I never realized this before, I'm in my thirty's and never been in a long-term relationship oh my god (starts crying) what's wrong with me.
18Rossno, no, no there's nothing wrong with you I mean you don't strike me as the type of person that wants to get married anyway.
19Phoebe I wanna get married (grabs a tissue)
20Rossplease don't cry because of me Pheebs I don't know what I'm talking about, I've been divorced three times.
21Phoebe least you've been married, OH MY GOD! I wanna trade lives with Ross (cries more)
Episode 904, Lines 158-158
158Phoebeyeah I've nothing to be ashamed of ok so I haven't been in a relationship that lasted longer then a month. Ok I haven't had a real boyfriend you know if he can't handle that he can leave. which he will and that's ok. so I'll just be alone forever you know alright I'll be. it'll be fine. it'll be fine. I'll go walking tours with widows and lesbians. Oh (takes a deep breath and sits down, knock on the door)
Episode 904, Lines 187-187
187Phoebewell there is no Vicrum, Ross made him up because I never really have been in a long-term relationship, I've never lived with a guy, and I've never even celebrated an anniversary so. (Pause) if that's too weird for you and you wanna leave I totally understand. In fact I'll close my eye's make it less awkward (She sits with her eyes closed and Mike kisses her, Phoebe opens her eyes and like a little child says.) You kissed me.
Episode 204, Lines 13-16
13[SCENE]Scene: Monica and Rachel's, the whole gang is there.
14JoeyThis is unbelievable Phoebs, how can you be married?
15PhoebeWell, I mean, I'm not married, married, ya know, he's just a friend and he's gay and he's just from Canada and he just needed a green card.
16MonicaI can't believe you married Duncan. I mean how could you not tell me? We lived together, we told each other everything.
Episode 521, Lines 262-270
262GaryPhoebe, it's okay that you feel this way. I mean it is soon. And there's a lot of things we don't know about each other, and I just figure that everything I really like. And the things I don't know, I get to learn about at someplace with both our names on the mailbox.
263PhoebeThat's so sweet.
264GarySweethart, but none of that matters if it's too soon for you. It's fine! We don't have to move in together. I just—I want you to be happy
265PhoebeLiving with you would make me happy.
266GaryPhoebe, you don't have to say that.
267PhoebeNo, I really wanna live with you! I wanna move in with you!
268GaryAre you sure?
269PhoebeYes. Definitely! Yes! Let's live in an apartment that we both live in! (Hugs him.)
270GaryOh that's great!
Episode 521, Lines 313-317
313[SCENE]Scene: Gary and Phoebe's apartment, it's morning and they're both waking up in bed.
314GaryI really like waking up with you.
315PhoebeI like waking up with you too. (Looks out the window) Oh! It's such a beautiful morning. (Some birds are singing outside the window) Oh, I can stay here all day.
316GaryThat would be great!
317PhoebeWe could have breakfast in bed…
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