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Episode 720: The One With Rachel's Big Kiss

Only annotated lines are quoted below, not the entire script

1Written byShana Goldberg-Meehan and Scott Silveri
Transcribed by: Eric Aasen
100[SCENE]Scene: Joey and Rachel's, Joey and Phoebe are moving chess pieces around on the board and hitting the timer at random.
101JoeyWe should really learn how to play the real way. (Moves another piece.)
102PhoebeI like our way. Oh! (Grabs a piece and jumps a bunch of Joey’s like in Checkers.) Chess!
Observation: In Episode E522/L325-326: , line(s) 522, Ross had to remind Phoebe that they've never played chess. In Episode E720/L100-102: , line(s) 720, we see that Phoebe doesn't even know how to play chess.
Episode 522, Lines 325-326
325PhoebeOh my God, I remember now! We were playing chess!
326RossPhoebe! You and I have never played chess!
128RachelYeah, it was senior year in college. It was after the Sigma Chi luau and Melissa and I got very drunk! And we ended up kissing! For several minutes!
Observation: In Episode E120/L148: , line(s) 120, Rachel hints she kissed another woman. In Episode E720/L128: , line(s) 720, she states this more directly.
Episode 120, Lines 148-148
148RachelPlease. I haven't heard from her in seven months, and now she calls me? I mean, what else is it about? Oh! She was my best friend, you guys! We went to camp together... she taught me how to kiss..
264RachelWow! I mean I had no idea that that was gonna…
265(ACTION)Suddenly, Phoebe leans in and kisses her on the lips!
266RachelWhat the hell was that?!
267PhoebeI just wanted to see what all the fuss was about.
269PhoebeI’ve had better.
Observation: Everyone has kissed Rachel. Ross probably has many times, but most signifigantly in Episode E214/L260: , line(s) 214. Chandler does in Episode E502/L81-83: , line(s) 502 (also Episode E311/L162-167: , line(s) 311), and Joey in Episode E511/L33-34: , line(s) 511. Monica does in Episode E419/L263-266: , line(s) 419, and Phoebe ("the last to know") in Episode E720/L264-269: , line(s) 720.
Episode 214, Lines 260-260
260[SCENE]Rachel, seeing what he did for her, gets up, walks across the room, and kisses Ross
Episode 502, Lines 81-83
81(ACTION)He gets up and gives Monica a rather passionate kiss as Rachel and Phoebe look on in amazement. After the kiss ends, Chandler suddenly realizes what he just did, so he decides to do something rather rash.
82ChandlerAnd uh, Rachel, glad to have you back.
83(ACTION)He goes over and gives Rachel the same treatment he gave Monica, only Rachel is shocked.
Episode 311, Lines 162-167
162ChandlerVeronica. Look, it’s got to be Veronica, the girl in the red skirt. I definitely stuck my tongue down her throat.
163MonicaThat was me.
164ChandlerLook, when I’ve been drinking, sometimes I tend to get overly friendly, and I’m sorry.
165MonicaThat’s okay.
166RachelThat’s all right.
167RossThat’s okay.
Episode 511, Lines 33-34
33All(watching the ball drop) 3! 2! 1! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
34(ACTION)And with that everyone starts playing tonsil hockey. Chandler with Monica, Ross with Phoebe, and Joey with Rachel.
Episode 419, Lines 263-266
263MonicaAs a thank you, Rachel and I will kiss for one minute.
264[SCENE]Time lapse. The guys are entering their apartment.
265ChandlerTotally worth it!
266JoeyThat was one good minute!
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