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Episode 902: The One Where Emma Cries

Only annotated lines are quoted below, not the entire script

1Written byDana Klein Borkow
Transcribed by: Eric Aasen
8RachelWell—Really? I thought Chandler was your best friend.
9RossWell, Chandler’s my oldest friend, but Joey’s my—No! Ah! (points at Rachel)
Observation: Ross took Joey's comment in Episode E623/L204: , line(s) 623 seriously. In Episode E902/L8-9: , line(s) 902, Ross considers Joey, not Chandler, his best friend.
Episode 623, Lines 204-204
204JoeyFrom now on, it’s gonna be Joey and Ross, best friends. (They shake hands.) Okay! We’re gonna be the new Joey and Chandler.
Observation: In Episode E902/L8-9: , line(s) 902, I'm guessing that even though Chandler is Ross' brother-in-law and ex-roommate, Ross probably spends more time w/ Joey since Chandler and Monica started living together.
42Ms. McKennaBoston is down, Atlanta is down, Houston is down, I could go on and on but instead of boring you I’ll go straight to my forty two point plan.
Observation: Douglas Adams fans, take note. The number 42 is mentioned in Episode E121/L223: , line(s) 121, Episode E218/L86: , line(s) 218, thrice in Episode 309 (Episode E309/L172: , line(s) 309, Episode E309/L240: , line(s) 309, Episode E309/L282: , line(s) 309), again in Episode E902/L42: , line(s) 902 and Episode E918/L28: , line(s) 918. In Episode E924/L313-314: , line(s) 924 and Episode E924/L340-342: , line(s) 924, 42 is game point.
Episode 121, Lines 223-223
223PAThis is the final boarding call for flight 67 to San Diego, boarding at gate 42A.
Episode 218, Lines 86-86
86JOEYPage 42, page 42, page 42.
Episode 309, Lines 172-172
172MonicaAll right, come on guys, let’s go! Tie score, and we’re runnin’ out of time. Forty-two!! Thirty-eight!! Hike! (the timer sounds as Monica throws the ball to Phoebe.)
Episode 309, Lines 240-240
240MonicaForty-two to twenty-one! Like the turkey, Ross is done!
Episode 309, Lines 282-282
282RossHey! It’s 42-21!
Episode 918, Lines 28-28
28RossNo! Do you know what your odds are of winning the lottery? I...I mean you have a better chance of being struck by lightning 42 times.
Episode 924, Lines 313-314
313(ACTION)Chandler and Phoebe look bored to death. Monica scores and laughs
314MikeOk, so it's a tie again, 41 to 41.
Episode 924, Lines 340-342
340(ACTION)Chandler prepares to play
341ChandlerAll right Mike, let's get this over with. Sudden death. Whoever wins this point, wins.
94PhoebeYeah, no kidding, this just proves no good can come from having sex with Ross!
Nitpick: In Episode E902/L94: , line(s) 902, Phoebe says no good can come from having sex w/ Ross, but in Episode E306/L244-246: , line(s) 306, she almost does this herself.
Episode 306, Lines 244-246
244PhoebeAnd you’re so sweet. (kisses him on the other cheek) And you’re kind (kisses him on the lips)
245RossThanks. (kisses her on the lips)
246(ACTION)They pause, and they the start kissing passionately, and taking off each others clothes, and they start to lie down on the pool table.
109JoeyLook, can I just stop you right there for a second? When people do this (Makes quote marks with his fingers.) I don’t really know what that means. (Ross just looks at him) You were saying?
Nitpick: Joey uses "quote fingers" in Episode E805/L183-184: , line(s) 805, but says he doesn't understand them in Episode E902/L109: , line(s) 902. (maybe he was just mimicking Ross?) Chloe Rogers notes that Joey also uses quote fingers correctly in Episode E615/L446-447: , line(s) 615, below: 1015 from Episode I1015/E615/Joey uses quote fingers/: , but, of course, that's the "what if" episode that never "really" happened.
Episode 805, Lines 183-184
183RossJoey, I’m not worried about her! I’m worried about my baby! Whoever she dates my baby dates! Now-now where is this (makes the quote-marks sign) actor taking them?
184JoeyHey! I’m an (does the quote-marks thing as well) actor too! I’m not sure. I think they’re taking the ferry out to some Italian place on Staten Island.
Episode 615, Lines 446-447
446RachelBecause I’m married. That’s right, I am a married woman! And I came to a TV star’s apartment to have an affair! Uck!
447JoeyThat’s ridiculous! I’m not a "Star," just a regular famous actor.
Image below: Joey uses quote fingers
197JoeyIt’s pretty, Okay date of birth?
198RossYou know my birthday.
199JoeySure, May...tember.
200RossOctober 18th.
Nitpick: In Episode E104/L31-38: , line(s) 104, it's October 20th and Ross tells Joey and Chandler his birthday was "7 months ago" (putting his birthday in March), but in Episode E902/L197-200: , line(s) 902, Ross says his birthday is October 18th. So Joey and Chandler's gift really WAS appropriate. In Episode E405/L11-13: , line(s) 405, Ross starts to tell Gunther his birthday's in December. No wonder Joey doesn't know when Ross' birthday is -- it apparentally keeps changing!
Episode 104, Lines 31-38
31Joey(to Ross) Hey! Here's the birthday boy! Ross, check it out: hockey tickets, Rangers-Penguins, tonight at the Garden, and we're taking you.
32ChandlerHappy birthday, pal!
33JoeyWe love you, man. (Kisses Ross)
34RossFunny, my birthday was seven months ago.
36RossSo, I'm guessing you had an extra ticket and couldn't decide which one of you got to bring a date?
37ChandlerWell, aren't we Mr. "The glass is half empty."
38RossOh my God, oh- is today the twentieth, October twentieth?
Episode 405, Lines 11-13
11GuntherOh, I-I'm just making a list of people's birthdays.
12RossOh, mine's December...
13GuntherYeah, whatever. (Walks away)
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